Why This Book


The more you understand the KI personalities in the Media and Politics, the more information you have to see what is happening in the Media and Politics.

Watching Television today has become one big marketing effort that is designed to play on your fears, trying to dismantle your common sense, and explain why you need the latest drugs to fix your problems. I found myself shaking my head as I tuned into the heavily opinion based news, abundantly interrupted with cleverly manipulative crafted ads, and I felt it was time to write a book about what I was seeing. I am amazed that each person in the news and media is told to say exactly the same thing, with the same exact words, as every other person in the media. How can that be that everyone uses exactly the same words?

The ads where scrubby bubbles with little cute animated faces scrubs away your scum on your tub are long gone. Watching TV, going on the internet, and reading anything today, is no longer subtle, but has become overt political warfare. Strategic marketing to influence how you think and feel has become the norm. The goal is to bring light to different personality types, each week, in politics and the media.