Why Now


For the past few years we have seen everything in politics playing out in the media. We have even seen the media playing out in the media with little regard for what is actually happening in our country or the truth. It seems it is more important to concern us with the appropriateness of the shoes the First Lady might be wearing. There are countless opinions for everything while “idiocracy” runs amuck. What a perfect time to look at the basic personalities running the shows in our country with an ancient, four thousand year old discipline, that our society is barely aware of while billions of other people live by it.

1 Water Year

This year is a Water Year and it is the perfect year to write a book. Writing comes easy in a Water Year. I see it as a spark of creativity that is ignited, the path is clear in a Water Year. The water year is all about the vision and what has been culminating underneath the surface. If a person is open to being in the flow in a Water year, they are more inventive, inclined to want to start new projects. “In the zone”, may be a term that fits the potential that exists in the Water year. If you are inspired to write, remember, just write what comes to your mind, do not edit your work as you go. Be in the flow, let yourself be free to write, do not block the stream of consciousness. Edit your work after you are through writing. Editing takes a very different part of the brain and should not be in charge of what you put on the paper, or you may not get started.

Anyway, since I do not know how to edit, I do not have that problem. I just get into the zone and let someone else with a fully functioning editing mind wrestle with what I write about into a readable manuscript. The tumultuous nature of this Water year has brought to light, for all to see, the drudge that normally exists under the surface. In politics it has been astounding to see how little gets done in the Congress and the Senate. I was fascinated to watch and put to paper the players, the personalities, we see in our media and politicians. I watched the 17 republican presidential candidates carefully during the debates and found it interesting to watch how each personality type navigated through the whole process. Knowing Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders personality types, it was easy to see the struggles they would have. Since last year, 2016, was a 2 Earth Year, I knew things would get petty and personal in both political and media arenas.  The dynamics would most certainly play out for all of us to to see.  This was a perfect time to help explain what all of us are witnessing.  Pay attention to the historical figures mentioned as well.  You will be surprised.