Personalities in the Book


In the book I speak about Senators, Congressman, political figures on the left and on the right. Those that like President Trump and those that do not. I point out these personality types, and how they reacted before the Trump presidency and how they act now. I discuss why Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, and John McCain would have had a hard time becoming president and why Barack Obama and Bill Clinton had an easy time becoming presidency.

I discuss the 9 personality types and the people in the media and politics that deliver us the news and policies that affect the world around us. I offer insights into each of the personality type, their distinct strengths and weaknesses and the way these types interact with each other.

This site is set up so that the insights in the book can be added to and continued as the weeks go along. Please buy the book so you can get the basics and then continue to check in on weekly additions. In the book I discuss

President Donald J. Trump

Laura Ingram

Mitt Romney

John McCain,

Oprah Winfrey

Saul Alinsky

Alan Greenspan

Sean Hannity

Ann Coulter,

Newt Gingrich,

Sebastian Gorka

Rush Limbaugh

Mark Steyn

Mike Pence

James Mattis

Kellyanne Conway

Mark Levin

Jay Sekulow

Bob Hope

Dolley Madison

Matt Lauer

Wolf Blitzer

Greg Gutfeld 

Devin Nunes 

Colonel Paterson 

Jared Kushner

Norah O’Donnell

Walt Kelly

Dr. Seuss

Charles Schultz 

Bob Dole

Peter Jennings 

Stephen Miller 

James Madison

Walter Cronkite

Brian Kilmeade

Sarah H. Sanders

Juan Williams

Dan Horowitz

Eric Bolling

Greta Van Susteren

Dana Perino

Buck Sexton

Joe Scarborough

Andy Rooney

Joe diGenova

Geraldo Rivera

Charlie Rose

Donna Brazile

Meredith Vieira

Savannah Guthrie

Chuck Todd

Chris Matthews

Jeff Flake

Mary Matalin

James Carville

Paul Begala

Tim Kane

Rob Marciano

Barbara Boxer

Tom Cotton

Winston Churchill

Glenn Beck 

Rick Perry

Megyn Kelly

David Axelrod

Bibi Netanyahu 

Scott Walker

Tom Brokaw 

Morley Safer

A. Napolitano

Larry Arnn


Cecilia Vega

Elizabeth Vargus

Ted Kennedy

Chuck Schumer

Carl Bernstein

Martha Raddatz

Sally Jessy Raphael

Jim Acosta

Rudy Giuliani

Julian Assange

Anderson Cooper

Ronald Reagan

John Kasich

Marilyn Monroe

D Eisenhower

Saul Alinsky

David Muir

Bernie Sanders

Willard Scott

Michelle Malkin

Ayn Rand

Ainsley Earhardt

Ayn Rand

Ulysses S Grant 

Kellyanne Conway 

Menachem Begin

Steve McQueen

Gene Hackman

Clint Eastman

Sean Connery

George Washington

John Bolton

Hugh Downs 

Mitch McConnell 

Katie Hopkins

John Jay


Margaret Thatcher

Dinesh D’Souza

Jesse Waters

John Hancock

Shannon Bream

Sam Donaldson 

Bill Bennett

Ben Franklin

Pat Buchanan

Steve Doocy

Vladimir Putin

Patrick Henry

Ben Carson

Tucker Carlson

Paul Ryan

James Comey

Jeanine Pirro

Ted Cruz

Henry Kissinger

John Boehner

Mitch McConnell 

Katie Hopkins 

Harry Reid

Kellyanne Conway

Matt Bevin

Bill O’Reilly

Mark Levin

John Jay

Tim Kane

Harry Reid

Kellyanne Conway

Matt Bevin

Bill O’Reilly

Mark Levin