The Analysis


The Philosophy

Every person is unique. No two people are exactly alike. When we consider a person’s nationality, religion, homeland, and life style, we see how they all create a filter for life experience.

Our upbringing certainly influences how we express ourselves in the world and affects how we navigate through everyday life. In today’s world, the media uses “bombarding social media” to influence us emotionally and ultimately to try to shape how we filter what happens around us. Despite these various influences, there are still common strands of human experience. My goal is to show that even though we all have different experiences in life, there are very distinct personality types.

Based on the I Ching, an ancient Taoist text, we each have unique personality traits that assist us on our paths in life. Our potentials, our strengths and weaknesses are easy to see when we grasp the insights of this ancient text. The I Ching was used to predict that Donald Trump would be president because of the circumstances of this time. However, the I Ching is less a book of predictions than a study of nature.

Human nature follows nature, so we can say that these fascinating and predictable personality types serve as a base to understand what energizes and drains a person. I will use my insights from the ancient Taoist teachings, to show how to recognize personality types in the media and politics.

We all have a Ki personality; it is a surface expression of who we are. It is how we interact with others in our day-to-day life. It is the first impressions we give when others meet us for the first time. When people get to know us a little better, they may get a glimpse into the side of us that is not easily seen right away.

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The 9 Personalities

Say you try a new coffee shop. The way you move through the coffee shop and how quickly you ask for your order are part of the way you express yourself. This is the energy, the Ki, that you were born with.

As people get to know you better, they start to see your Inner Ki nature, which includes your thoughts, feelings, and motivations. Our Inner Ki nature is often unseen and guides our inner lives. This nature is stronger in our younger years and when we are stressed or under pressure. Children that have a stressful or rough childhood tend to grow up faster and navigate the world less in touch with their inner Ki personality. Incorporating these two natures is needed to create balance.

Our personality is made up of multiple facets that each makes us who we are. Ancient Taoist philosophers and astronomers observed nature and the predictable cycles that occur in our Universe. They watched how people and all living things cycle in the same way. These cycles can be seen in connection with the moon cycle, the sun cycle, the earth’s rotation, the seasons, day and night, and many other natural cycles. A woman’s cycle is close to a 28-day cycle, which is related to the predictable moon cycle, or what the medical world would call “regular.”

They observed the cycles of the best time to plant crops, and how that coincided with harvesting those crops. They noted which side of a mountain was best for building to take advantage of the sun. They noticed that spring was related to the springing up of the new plants. They recorded the way the sun moved across the sky, and how this timing was crucial to the success of all life. Today, we take these cycles for granted and have lost the need to study and harness the many energy cycles that still exist.

In a very basic way, all life is affected by these cycles. When in balance with these cycles, salmon know when to swim up the river to spawn, bears know when to hibernate, and birds know when to fly south. Seeds push out of the ground, expand, and search for the sun, beginning their growth. If nurtured, a plant continues through this predictable cycle that all life has the potential to follow. We all know this life-to-death cycle well. The seasons also follow it: winter is a dormant time of year, when the sun is in a position of less light; this is opposed to summer, a time of more light and more growth.

Our birthdays form a yearly cycle whose arrival we recognize. Each day cycles, and during the day our energy cycles. Some of us are charged up in the morning and start to fade in the afternoon. Others are up late into the night and have no energy in the morning. The more you understand your own daily cycle, the more you can take advantage of the energy that supports your well being.