John Kelly


THE 5 EARTH, 8 EARTH Personality

The Center/ The Introspect

Authoritative, Collector of information, Introspective, Soulful, In control, Reflective. A lot of thought goes into his decision-making, Grounded.

John Kelly is a person who acts on experience, and watches for pitfalls in the road ahead. Having served in the military, he would never take lightly the threats that exist today. He is a very grounded 5 Earth, 8 Earth; both his outer nature and his inner nature are hard to move away from things he feels strongly about.

Kelly’s introspective 8 Earth nature makes him a deep person and when he speaks, it is with authority. When he brings his 5 Earth gathering of information to the table, it comes with a lot of thought and information to back it up. He takes his job very seriously and is perhaps thought of as stubborn and opinionated at times.

5 Earth personalities are drawn to the military and to being in politics. Kelly is hard to move off a goal if he believes in what he is doing. He does not care what obstacles get in his way. Most 8 Earth personalities love to be in nature, and have no problem being alone. This type may enjoy a cabin on a mountaintop or a fishing trip in Alaska. They like to chill out with responsibilities for none but themselves. However, Kelly’s 8 Earth does not want to let anyone down and he cares deeply, so he would never rest for too long. He also uses his

5 Earth nature to look at all sides of a problem.

He is a warrior for safety and a great personality choice for his job. Trump can pass along orders and they will be followed. The 5 Earth, 8 Earth personality needs others on a team to take care of the paperwork, finalize work, implement marching orders, and get things done. Kelly is better at organizing the posse and then giving everyone a role to achieve the goal at hand. Kelly excels at handing out a plan to others working in their roles for the common good.

Henry Kissinger is also a 5 Earth, 8 Earth personality.