President George Washington




The Thunderous/ The Wind

Direct, Tells it like it is, Active mind, A fighter, Controversial, Love the facts, Bored easily, No nonsense, Spontaneous, Adventurous.

The personality type 3 Tree, 4 Tree is like a Jack Russell Terrier pulling at your pant leg. These people have big voices and keep their eye on the ball, barking out their truth. Thunder is their Trigram in the I Ching. “Just give me the facts.” Often, this personality speaks before thinking about the delivery. They love to tease those around them. Coulter and Hannity are 3 Tree, 4 Tree personalities. They are naturally curious and interested to learn new things. Both have the perfect venues to express their personalities. Ann’s book writing and Sean’s Radio and TV shows serve as perfect outlets for them to be the Truth seekers they are.

Many people say that 3 Tree, 4 Tree people have the propensity to talk over others or can be extremely opinionated. 3 Tree, 4 Tree individuals give a buffalo’s behind about what anyone thinks about their political beliefs because they know in their heart they are what they are and have the facts to back it up. They do not  like to have someone piss on their foot and say it is raining. This means they do not tolerate people who are full of BS and they admire anyone who stands up for what they believe.

Hannity and Coulter both got on the Trump train. They saw the need for an outsider and appreciated President Trump’s 9 Fire, larger-than-life personality: a force to be reckoned with. Both saw the now-or-never urgency for getting changes to happen. Their 4 Tree natures are philosophical and search for expansive solutions, so Trump’s business sense was appealing.

Close family members to Hannity and Coulter most likely roll their eyes at times and feel embarrassed by the 3 Tree, 4 Tree candor and need to keep things in motion. The 3 Tree attitude of “Time is money” and “Hurry up will YA” combines with the 4 Tree search for answers. These people are educated and on topic about the things they see value in.

These two 3 Tree beacons, or maybe foghorns, for freedom bellow through the night, serving the warrior cause by being upfront about who they are.
Urgency and candor are important in our political environment. Ted Cruz, 3 Tree, 4 Tree, is also this personality type. He is one of the few politicians that is there to serve the common good and call a spade a spade, fighting for the people. Cruz is another person, like Hannity, who other politicians would like to “Vote off the Island.” We have spent so long with unproductive personality types in the political arena being old and stagnant on both sides of the isle. These politicians are murky swampers, limp fish types, and attention seekers who are full of bull. Dinesh D’Souza, 3 Tree, 3 Tree, and others so eloquently expose how they use their positions as a way of increasing their incomes and gaining power.

All the resistance on the left and right and the fabricated, fear-mongering, “throw granny off the train” rhetoric serves no one and devalues the person speaking such things. Politicians in general, on the right and the left, are elected and are funded by taxpayers. I think they forgot they work for us.