Sally Fretwell

Sally Fretwell

Sally Fretwell owns an international consultancy service and lectures throughout the United States. She has been working with clients for over 25 years to create supportive environments.

She has helped business owners, doctors and hospital staff, retail and restaurant establishments, as well as home owners wishing to enliven and love the spaces they live and work in. Sally has owned and operated 2 design/paint stores as well as created a full line of specialty paint colors and one of the first “eco friendly” paint and primer companies. She has taught continuing education to interior designers and architects, as well as classes where she teaches about personality types. This includes how to take advantage of our full potential, understand and accept what drains and builds our energy, as well our friends and family dynamic.

Sally has an extensive background in psychology, Chinese philosophy, “I Ching”, and 5 Element theory. Her articles have appeared in numerous magazines and has been referenced as an authority in her field. She has written 4 other books on design and architecture and 2 natural-photo children’s books. Sally wrote about the personality types in her first book, 20 years ago, and now is using her insights to show the strengths and weaknesses in each personality type found in our historical figures, politicians, and media personalities.

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Sally Fretwell

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